Grilling Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set

Grilling Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set

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Perfect for grilling season, this set features three of our best selling infused extra virgin olive oils in the stylish 250ml Marasca bottles. Exclusively available from vomFASS.

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  Both a gourmet favorite and a popular crowd pleaser, this fine oil offers the bold flavor of garlic to a wide variety of dishes. This oil is absolutely amazing with pasta, rice, and even mashed potatoes. Drizzle over fresh bread or toast, or finish your next chicken dish with a generous amount of this oil for a new favorite. Salads are never the same after using our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the base for your dressings.

Smoky BBQ Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  Perfect for barbecue season, this extra virgin olive oil is infused with the finest flavors of onion, garlic, black pepper, and Hickory smoke. It is excellent for marinating grilled meat and vegetables or for preparing barbecue sauces.

Jalapeño Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  The jalapeño is one of the most important chilies in North and South America.  The basis for this exciting product is the finest extra virgin olive oil combined with the fiery and fruity taste of the jalapeño. Excellent for marinating meat and vegetables for your barbecue or adding it to your pasta.

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