Happy Dad Box

Happy Dad Box

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Send some fun with our exclusive Happy Birthday gift box!  Featuring 200 ml Bourbon whiskey, whiskey caramel balls, hot chili sauce, 100 ml marasca Plum Balsamic Star, 100 ml marasca Smoky BBQ Extra Virgin Olive Oil and "For Dad" seasoned salt with white pepper and onions grinder, this fun set also comes in its own gift box made from recycled materials.   

Bourbon Whiskey:  This artisan distilled Bourbon is a fine blend of American whiskey and selected Kentucky Bourbons, that have been carefully Blended then matured for up to 2 additional years in new, charred southern oak barrels. This unique blend offers lovely radiant flavors and a fine traditional finish. Great neat or in fine Whiskey cocktails.

Whiskey Caramel Balls:  Take your chocolate truffles to the next level with the finest caramel, and a bit of boozy goodness. Perfect with coffee, tea or a glass of whiskey. Made with love in Germany.   

Smoky BBQ Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  Perfect for barbecue season, this extra virgin olive oil is infused with the finest flavors of onion, garlic, black pepper, and Hickory smoke. It is excellent for marinating grilled meat and vegetables or for preparing barbecue sauces.

Plum Balsamic Star:  The Plum Balsamic Star features a full-bodied aroma of ripe plums. This sweet sensation is refined with concentrated plum juice as well as plum purée and impresses with its full-bodied flavor.

Hot Chili Sauce:  This hot sensation is made with our Grape Balsamic Vinegar and Jalapeno Oil. The fruity-fresh tomatoes fit beautifully with the spicy Habanero chili. Splash over anything from chips, egg rolls to tacos. Made in Germany with lots of love and spiciness.

"For Dad" Spice Grinder:  Our spicy salt mixture is made for the best Dad in the world! The unique combination of the sea salt, blue sugar pearls, white and black pepper, chives, tarragon and the red onions not only make it a real eye-catcher but it also tastes delicious. Give Dad a fun and special gift with our blend.

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