Liqueurs Lovers Set

Liqueurs Lovers Set

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Let loose with our Liqueurs Lover Set!  Featuring 9 of our top-selling liqueurs in the stackable 100ml tripple carre bottle, this fun set also comes in its own gift box made from recycled materials.   

Nut Chocolate Liqueur:  A wonderful liqueur composed of a hazelnut distillate infused with delicate chocolate flavor. Luxurious and aromatic, it is an excellent complement to coffee or espresso. It is handcrafted in vomFASS's very own liqueur factory in southern Germany.

Latte Macchiato Cream Liqueur:  An excellent, velvety cream liqueur with the essence of mocha coffee. This liqueur is thoroughly enchanting when drizzled over desserts or ice cream. Add to coffee as an alternative to milk, or enjoy on its own.

Honey Pear Liqueur:  This great liqueur is handcrafted in the vomFASS liqueur manufactory in southern Germany. It combines the finest aromas from pear brandy and honey. Serve it well-chilled or as a shot, alongside fine cakes and coffee, or pour it over your favorite ice cream.

Vanilla Dream Liqueur: If you love vanilla, this gorgeous cream liqueur is definitely for you. Enjoy it solo, in your coffee, over ice, or mixed with one of our fruit liqueurs. Also, a dash of vomFASS Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil in this liqueur is great! Perfect for entertaining and dessert.

Framboise Liqueur: A sweet raspberry liqueur with ripe, natural flavor. This delight stands alone as a cordial but also mixes well with numerous ingredients for fun cocktails.

Apple Pie Liqueur: This delicious confection tastes just like homemade apple crisp. Drizzle it over vanilla ice cream or add a new layer of delight to your favorite desserts.

Chai Vodka: This rich and flavorful Chai Vodka exhibits a fine spicy nose. Hints of clove, allspice, and black pepper intermingle with a slight caramel-like note.

Orange Liqueur: Crisp, with a bright aroma of ripe oranges, this citrus liqueur is an excellent choice for use in desserts. It also makes positively delightful homemade chocolate truffles.

Piña Colada: Need a vacation? This fantastic cocktail liqueur is designed to make your next tropical getaway a simple one. Blend with ice, and you are on your way. Just add a paper umbrella! This delicious sensation is handcrafted in vomFASS's very own liqueur manufactory in southern Germany.

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