Ready-Set-Ice! Gift Set

Ready-Set-Ice! Gift Set

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Just add the ice to these ready-to-drink cocktails and you're ready for the party!  Enjoy four of our favorite pre-mixed cocktails in the stackable 100ml tripple carre bottle, this fun set also comes in its own gift box made from recycled materials.  

Bourbon Old Fashioned:  Sweet without being cloying, tangy without being sour, refined without being pretentious. There are multiple reasons that the Old Fashioned cocktail has remained a staple on restaurant and bar menus for generations. Our Bourbon Old Fashioned was lovingly created with these attributes in mind to produce a simple yet elegant libation that is ready to be enjoyed right out of the bottle. Made by blending a small batch bourbon whiskey with angostura and orange bitters and natural cherry juice before refined with pure cane sugar, this classic cocktail is sure to please whether enjoyed alone in your home while relaxing or at your next gathering.

Piña Colada:  Need a vacation? This fantastic cocktail liqueur is designed to make your next tropical getaway a simple one. Blend with ice, and you are on your way. Just add a paper umbrella! This delicious sensation is handcrafted in vomFASS's very own liqueur manufactory in southern Germany.

Margarita Con Sal:  Made from a blend of premium vomFASS spirits, this pre-mixed cocktail gives a newly imagined take on a classic concoction. Expertly constructed from a premium 100% blue agave tequila mixed with our orange liqueur, brandy from the Andalusian Islands, and a pinch of salt, this spirit is made with no additives or stabilizers and is sweetened with an organic agave sweetener.

Southern Classic Mint Julep: Our Classic Southern Mint Julep is a pre-mixed cocktail that’s ready to be enjoyed right out of the gate—just add the ice and garnish with mint! Traditionally associated with the American South and recognized as the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby, it’s been said that over 120,000 juleps are sold each year at “The Run for the Roses”! Every batch of our Classic Southern Mint Julep blends premium bourbon with the finest fresh mint and simple syrup to create a sweet and smooth cocktail with lingering, light notes of mint followed by a sweet yet subtle bourbon finish. Perfect for your next BBQ, patio party or picnic, it’s also fantastic as an after-dinner drink!


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