Spring Liqueur Lovers Set

Spring Liqueur Lovers Set

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This floral and fruity liqueur set is the perfect match for refreshing cocktails on the patio!  Featuring 9 of our top-selling liqueurs in the stackable 100ml tripple carre bottle, this fun set also comes in its own gift box made from recycled materials.   

Ginger Liqueur: If you love ginger, this is an absolute must-have. Full of intriguing warmth and sweetness, this specialty is excellent in cocktails, on its own, or drizzled over ice cream. Once you try this, you’ll be looking for any excuse to drink it again.

Wild Rose Liqueur: This luxurious spirit with its unforgettable bouquet of fresh cut roses brings romance to your favorite cocktails. Delicate and concentrated on the palate, this liqueur has a gentle hint of rose petals and a slightly sweet finish.

Blueberry Valentino: This lovely fruity Liqueur, crafted in the vomFASS Liqueur Factory, combines the finest fruit with a lovely kiss of Italy's famous spirit, Grappa. A fruit forward liqueur that has a perfect harmony, with lingering sweetness and a delicate aftertaste. Wonderful to sip and also delicious with various desserts and cakes.

Violette Liqueur:  With a pleasant purple hue, this liqueur has a delicate aroma of violets. As you inhale, notes of cake frosting, sweet licorice, and freshly cut grass come forward in a pleasing manner. The taste is smooth and sweet, with a lingering floral finish.

Pink Grapefruit Liqueur:  This slightly bittersweet, delicately fruity liqueur made from grapefruits is produced in France. It is a wonderfully versatile liqueur and can be enjoyed well-chilled or poured over ice.

Apricot Liqueur with Grappa:  This fine grappa liqueur gets its delicious flavor from apricot juice and specially selected grappa from Italy. Enjoy it as a spritzer with some sparkling white wine or soda or chilled on its own for a sweet dessert alternative. Drizzle some over vanilla ice cream. For a distinctly European flair, try it in espresso. Or, try Apricot Liqueur with Grappa mixed with equal parts of our 10-year Armagnac. It’s a staff favorite!

Lemoncello:  Lemoncello is a staple of Italian liqueurs. A refreshing zest of lemon that will liven a cocktail or add a kick to citrus desserts.

Caipirinha Lime:  An exciting and bright liqueur, named for the traditional Brazilian cocktail. Easily enjoyed on its own or mixed with sparkling water or citrus soda and served over ice. Make a lime slushie by blending with ice cubes!

Elderflower Liqueur:  Our Elderflower Liqueur has a rich body and mouthfeel of honey-like sweetness. Try this liqueur over vanilla ice cream.

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