Virginia Barbecue

Virginia Barbecue

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This delicate spice blend contains a selected variety of herbs and spices with a subtle smoke flavour. Simply perfect for marinating steaks, grilled and roast edits, but also for refining braised, delicious sauces and vegetarian dishes.
Spices (paprika, onion, pepper, mustard seeds,parsley, chillies, chives, chervil, lovage, celery, smoked peppers (paprika, smoke), coriander, basil, ginger, garlic, nutmeg, thyme, tarragon, piment, cumin, marjoram, savory, cumin, cabbage, Salinity: 19%
FassZinations product:

The Virginia Barbecue spice preparation is part of our exquisite FassZinations range and is characterized by a particularly high standard in raw material selection and production.


Net Wt: 50g

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